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Exact Simulation of LNAs Reduces Design Cycle Times
RF-35, LNA design, return loss, gain, noise

A 45W amplifier for 23cm
RF-35, power amplifier, LDMOS technology


Radar Antenna Design Engineers Require Cost-Effective Solutions for Their Antenna PCBs
Meteorwave M4000M, ADAS, PPE, Copper Foil, Insertion Loss

Microstrip-fed Wideband Circularly Polarized Printed Antenna
RF-35, symmetrical dipole, circular polarization, printed dipole antenna, slot antenna
보기 (Oct. 2010)

Mercurywave 9350 High Frequency, Low Loss resin system
Mercurywave 9350, insertion loss

In-silico hyperthermia performance of a near-field patch antenna at various positions on a human body model
RF-35, 434 MHz, RF hyperthermia treatment, near field, patch antenna
보기 (May 13, 2011)

Omnidirectional circularly-polarised microstrip patch antenna
RF-35, omnidirectional, circularly-polarised, CP, patch antenna
보기 (May 24, 2012)

Ultra-Wideband Antenna Array Design for Target Detection
TLC-30, UWB, planar antenna, 3.1 - 10.6 GHz
보기 (2012)

Retrodirective Rotman Lens Antenna
RF-60A, Rotman Lens antenna, 8 - 12 GHz

Planar High-Gain WLAN PCB Antenna (Strategies for Designing Microwave Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards Using Stripline Structures)
TLY, antenna gain, directive antennas, microstrip antenna, WLAN, 5.6-6.3 GHz

Considerations for EBG Loss in Antenna Applications
RF-35, 2.8 GHz slot antenna, EBG (electromagnetic band gap) structure

Circular and Elliptical CPW-Fed Slot and Microstrip-Fed Antennas for Ultrawideband Applications
TLC-30, circular, coplanar waveguide (CPW), elliptical, microstrip, slot, ultrawideband (UWB)
보기 (May 2006)

Miniaturization of microstrip patch antenna
TLY, microstrip patch antenna, electromagnetic bandgap substrate (EBG), 2.4 GHz

A Wideband Printed Dipole Antenna With Optimised Tapered Feeding Balun For ISM and FWA Bands
TLY, wideband antenna, printed dipole, tapered balun, low-Q antenna, ISM/FWA

Dual Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna, Reduced in Size by Use of Peripheral Slits
TLY, microstrip patch antenna, size reduction

Design optimisation of ring elements for broadband reflectarray antennas
RF-35, broadband reflectarray antenna
보기(Oct. 2003)

Microstrip Patch Antenna for GPS application
TLC-32, microstrip patch antenna, GPS

Design and Analysis of an Electrically Steerable Microstrip Antenna for Ground to Air Use
TLY, polarized microstrip antenna, 2.45 GHz, avionics
보기(May 2002)

Design and Development of Printed Antenna Remote Units for Optically Distributed Mobile Communications
TLX-8, bandpass filter, antenna remote unit, ARU
보기 (Dec. 1998)

Integrated Antennas for Millimetre-Wave Asset Tracking
Van Atta array antenna, mm-wave application, asset tracking, TLY-5


A Low Profile 77 GHz Three Beam Antenna For Automotive Radar
Automotive radar, microstrip patch antenna, TLY-5


Tri-Band RAT-Race coupler using resonators
TLX-8, resonator, rat-race coupler, tri-band, shaped structure

Multiband Pi-shaped Structure with Resonators for Tri-band Wilkinson Power Divider and Tri-band Rat-Race Coupler
TLX-8; 1 GHz, 1.5 GHz, 2.5 GHz, multiband, Pi-shaped structure, resonator, Wilkinson power divider, rat-race coupler

Complex Compensation of Coupled Line Structures in Inhomogeneous Media
RF-60A, coupler

Inductively compensated parallel coupled microstrip lines
RF-35, RF-60, coupled-line resonator, Marchand balun, microstrip, parallel coupled filter, parallel coupled lines


Environmental Aspects of PTFE Based Laminates in Relation to "Halogen-Free"
PTFE laminate, halogen-free, fluorine


Analysis and Design of Dual Band-Notched Interdigital Hairpin UWB Bandpass Filter
TLX-8; class AB power amplifier; dual-band; GaN HEMT; matching network; resonator

Transmission zeros origin and behaviour in a Microwave Transversal Filter based on Planar Technology
RF-60A, bandpass transversal filter,

Novel Compact Narrow-band Microstrip Dual-mode Resonator Filters for G3 Communication Systems
TLC-32, microstrip resonator, bandpass filter, UMTS,

HDI Multilayer

미크론 크기의 중공 실리카를 유지하는 저유전 상수 축적 재료의 특성

High Speed Digital

Best Materials for 3-6 GHz DESIGN
N4000-13SI, N4000-13

Lead-Free Soldering

PWB Dielectric Substrates for Lead-Free Electronics Manufacturing
N4000-29, lead-free assembly, IST 

Evaluating Laminates for High Temperature Assembly
N4000-29, lead-free assembly, PCQR2, HATS

Dielectric/Laminate 특성분석

Measuring Dielectric Properties and Surface Resistance of microwave PCBs in the K-band
TLY-5A, TLC-32, DK, dielectric constant (ε), df, loss tangent (tanδ), temperature dependance, -50°C to +70°C

The Anisotropy of Dielectric Constant in TLY-5A Material
anisotropy, woven fiberglass, PTFE, Dielectric Constant, Er, TLY-5A, Bereskin

The Impact of Conductor Surface Profile (Rrms) on Total Circuit Attenuation in Microstrip and Stripline Transmission Lines
Rrms, ED copper, RA copper, reverse treated copper, microstrip, stripline, conductor loss

Effects of Surface Finish on HF Signal Loss Using Various Substrate Materials
Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP), Hot Air Solder Levelling (HASL), Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG), and Immersion Silver on ceramid filled and unfilled woven glass PTFE laminates, and FR4

High Frequency Test Methods
1 MHz 2-fluid-cell test method, microstrip testing, "Bereskin" stripline test, full sheet resonance test method, X-band stripline resonator, modified stripline test, waveguide perturbation test method

Der Einsatz von Basismaterial aus PTFE
(the German original of the above)



Multilayer/RF Digital

Strategies for Designing Microwave Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards Using Stripline Structures
TSM-DS, fastrise27, TSM-30, RF-35A2, stripline, pad registration, dimensional stability, impedance fluctuation, fusion bonding, thermal ageing, z-axis expansion, reliability, Young's modulus

Trends in RF/Microwave & High Speed Digital and their effect on PCB Technology Requirements
TSM-30, fastrise

Numerical Investigation of Vertical Contactless Transitions for RF Circuits
This paper presents some concepts for contactless transitions between different planar transmission lines. These types of transitions are important for use in e.g. multi layer designs. Another important reason to avoid galvanic connections at RF is that they may generate passive intermodulation products (PIM), which can be a serious problem in multifrequency systems. The investigated transitions operate in the extended GSM 900 band (880-960) MHz.


Antiphase Design for Balanced Oscillators
TLX-0, oscillator, MMIC

수동상호변조 (PIM)

Current Progress in Phenomenology and Experimental Characterisation of Passive Intermodulation in Printed Circuits
passive intermodulation, PIM, base station antenna

Distributed Sources of Passive Intermodulation on Printed Lines
TLX-9, passive intermodulation, PIM, base station antenna, copper foil

Self-Induced Instability of passive intermodulation in microwave laminates
RF-30, passive intermodulation, PIM, base station antenna

Effects of interface conditions and long-term stability of passive intermodulation response in printed lines
TLX-8, TLX-9, RF-30, passive intermodulation, PIM, long-term stability, base station antenna

Passive intermodulation in printed lines: effects of trace dimensions and substrate
microstrip lines, passive intermodulation (PIM), forward PIM, reverse PIM

Experimental Observations of Distributed Nonlinearity in Printed Lines
PTFE laminate, pcb nonlinearity, passive intermodulation (PIM)

Mapping of Passive Intermodulation Products on Microstrip Lines
RF-30, microstrip lines, near field probing, nonlinearities, passive intermodulation (PIM)

Passive Intermodulation in Finite Lengths of Printed Microstrip Lines
RF-30, distributed nonlinearity, intermodulation distortion, passive intermodulation (PIM), printed circuits

Passive Intermodulation Generation on Printed Lines: Near-Field Probing and Observations
TLX-9, four-wave mixing, near-field probing, passive intermodulation (PIM), printed circuit board (pcb) material characterization, printed circuits

Transmission/Reflection Measurement and Near-Field Mapping Techniques for Passive Intermodulation Characterisation of Printed Lines
RF-30, PIM, soldered microstrip launchers, contactless microstrip launchers

Discrimination of Passive Intermodulation Sources on Microstrip Lines
TLX-9, RF-30, forward PIM

Effect of Laminate Properties on Passive Intermodulation Generation
Passive intermodulation (PIM), forward PIM, reverse PIM

Passive Intermodulation on Microstrip Lines
Passive intermodulation (PIM), forward PIM, reverse PIM

Radio Links

RF Radio Links and LMDS Communications - Module Technology, Status and Trends
T/R module, RF radio link, mixed dielectric multilayer, PTFE base material, LMDS communication, packaging


UWB Channel Sounding for Ranging and Positioning in Passive UHF RFID
RF-30, passive UHF RFID, tag antenna, reader antenna, 900 MHz

Semiconductors & PTFE

GHz Flip Chip - An Overview
TLY, GHz flip chip assembly

Wave Guide

Negative index media in microwave waveguide
RF-35, X-Band, microwave waveguide, negative index media, NIM

Wearable Antenna

The Performance of On-Body Wearable Antennas in a Repeatable Multipath Environment
TLY-3, 2.45 GHz, wearable antenna, WBAN, on-body channels, multipath fading, Higher Mode Microstrip Patch Antenna (HMMPA)

Compact slot-loaded patch antenna for 868 MHz Wireless Body Area Networks
TLY, ISM band, wireless body area network, WBAN, slot-loaded antenna

In Situ Measurement of UHF Wearable Antenna Radiation Efficiency Using a Reverberation Chamber
TLY-3, 2.45 GHz, bodyworn antenna, on-body communication, wearable antenna radiation efficiency, WBAN

Low-Profile Patch Antennas for Over-Body-Surface Communication at 2.45 GHz
TLY-3, RF-60A, body surface communication, shorted microstrip patch antenna (S-MPA), higher mode microstrip patch antenna (HM-MPA), 2.45 GHz

Antennas and Propagation Considerations for Robust Wireless Communications in Medical Body Area Networks
TLY-3, RF-60A, wearable antennas, radio propagation, wireless networking, channel characterisation, 2.45 GHz

Low-Profile Patch Antennas for Over-Body-Surface Communication at 2.45 GHz
TLY-3, RF-60A, body surface communication, shorted microstrip patch antenna (S-MPA), higher mode microstrip patch antenna (HM-MPA), 2.45 GHz